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A Chumpi Illumination Class: Your Opportunity for Personal and Collective Evolution

Eleanora Amendolara Chumpi Illumination

What lights you up inside?
What makes you excited about a new opportunity?
What makes you say yes to yourself?

What about the promise of personal and collective evolution?

P1070778I’m grateful that I get to hold space for individual and collective evolution. It’s part of the job description for a Mystery School founder, after all! The CHILL class that took place in Santa Fe on the weekend before the Solstice was no exception.

Within the first two hours of this weekend-long class the energy quickly shifted beyond me, the teacher, simply providing information. It encompassed everyone in the room as they received new wisdom and also generated their own ideas and light.

And then, it became clear that we’d all begun to evolve together to create what I think of as a “new order” community.

With a tremendous circle of interdimensional helpers, we sat in counsel to reach an expanded collective awareness. Though we’d been strangers only a handful of hours before, we were now connected in a profound and transformative way.

This is your opportunity to enter a circle of transformation

P1070768This sort of community was created when we supported each person with his or her own Chumpi stone healing. Everyone had a chance to lie in one of the geometric forms that are the signature of a CHILL session. Using muscle testing, we discovered the words that described the conflict that wanted to be resolved. We also added crystals, sounds, and other healing symbols to hold a specific frequency for each students’ evolution.

By coming together in this manner, as healers and as members of a collective, we also expanded our individual consciousness and our ability to give and receive healing.

With great gratitude, I can tell you that this is what happens at every Chumpi Illumination workshop.

On July 23 and 24 I am opening this opportunity for personal and communal growth to everyone who can join us at the Sacred Center in Warwick, NY.

Get more information about this Introduction to Chumpi Illumination and how it’s the first step into the Sacred Center Mystery School.

If you bring a friend you’ll save $50 off your tuition for this weekend class that runs from 10 AM – 4 PM on Saturday and Sunday, July 23 and 24.

Save your place in the circle now!

3 Ways to Connect to Your Center

3 Ways to Connect to Your Sacred Center | Machu Picchu | Peru

There’s no single way to your own Sacred Center. Today, I invite you to wander in three potential paths with me. You’ll find that they intermingle and overlap and circle around on themselves… That’s just as it should be because the way to Spirit is never straight and narrow.

Being Seen.

So often, a theme emerges in a week of private healing sessions. Most recently, the work has centered on gazing into the eyes of the Divine and experiencing what it is to see and be seen without expectation or obligation.

It’s a very personal connection – each person sees the expression of the Sacred that is most  meaningful to them, but it’s always in human or animal form. Right now, expressions of the sacred feminine are coming in most strongly, illuminating and resonating through the body, mind, and spirit.

Daily life – and daily problems – are so often related to the very human need to be seen. These healings elevate being seen to a more profound level. It’s an invitation to gaze into your own Soul without judgment or criticism.  It’s devotion without an agenda or a set of “shoulds.”

When you go deep enough to see the divine nature of your own Self, you know what it is to be connected to the heart of divinity itself.  

Being Inspired.

When you can stay open to your everyday experiences and you keep yourself from shutting down due to fear, exhaustion, or sheer information overload, you can experience unlimited inspiration. When you’re in that place of openness, you are truly alive and connected.

For me, I know that daily meditation and communication with the Guides is what allows me to breathe in Truth – the origin of “inspiration.”

It was in a recent meditation that I was instructed about how this is the year to show up and be seen for all of the greatness that wants to shine through you.

This is the time to use your voice. Be heard. Be seen. Be inspired as you inspire those around you.

Being Healed.

“Your Center” isn’t a physical space. It’s a point in infinity from which you live your life, but you could never chart it on a map.  In order to reach that intangible state of consciousness, however, you need to be strongly anchored in your physical body.

When you look into your own Divine Expression and you open your eyes to the inspiration that dances around you at every moment, you can step into the most authentic expression of who you are – stronger, more able to grow and emerge into your own greatness.  

As is the way with multidimensional healing, you heal all facets of your being when you heal one facet. And you must look to the needs of all aspects of who you are in order to address a specific problem.

4 Ways to Connect through the Sacred Center

I want to let you know about three exciting ways to use the Sacred Center’s work to access your own center. There’s a great deal happening right now, but that is just how we want 2016 to begin…

February 10: Virtual Wisdom Council: Create Sacred Space

As always, the VWC is a free one-hour teaching and meditation session that you can access by phone from anywhere in the world. We’ll be exploring  what it means to create a sacred physical space where you can regularly experience moments of spiritual enlightenment.

February and March: Four Create Sacred Space Workshops in Warwick, NY

In these workshops you will learn how to build a permanent home for your Spirit. Attend a single session or get a discount when you come to all four. They begin February 11.

March 19 -20: Intro to Chumpi Illumination

This two-day class is your first step into the Mystery School. Learn self-healing techniques and uncover the light that guides your personal evolution.

Journey to Peru this May

There are only a couple of spots open in this year’s Stargate adventure. This is the year to be inspired by the sacred mountains and lagoons of the Andes!3 Ways to Connect to Your Sacred Center | Machu Picchu | Peru

Build a Permanent Home for Your Spirit

May you draw endless inspiration from your own Sacred Center in 2016 | Tibetan singing bowl with goddess

Build a Permanent Home for Your Spirit:

Use Chumpi Illumination to Create Sacred Space in Everyday Life

You long to heal yourself, hone your intuition, and feel more connected to what’s sacred in life.

You would like to live in accordance to Spirit’s guidance and feel connected to the Greater Reality every day – not just during special retreats and workshops.  

But life is busy and, even at home, it’s hard to carve out the time and space for stillness.

You want to be guided by Spirit? Build a home for it

Your connection to Spirit isn’t something you have to go out and find. You’re always connected, but you’re a contemporary human who needs a reminder now and again.

What you need is a sacred space where you can attend to the subtle energies of your physical, mental, and etheric body. When you spend some time in this space each day, you’ll find your soul-level connections grow ever-stronger.

I’ve watched this transformation in my own life.

I’ve always been something of a gypsy – traveling across Europe and Asia when I was in my 20s was exactly what my nomadic spirit needed in order to learn and grow. But it was when I set down roots in Warwick, NY and when I built the Sacred Center that my true spiritual evolution began.

After years of focused work, my healing and teaching room can now hold intense energies. The guides and other interdimensional messengers know that the Sacred Center is a place where their wisdom is welcome.

Sacred Center, Warwick, NY | Create your own sacred spaceYou can create your own Sacred Center in your home

People feel an internal shift the moment they enter the Sacred Center. They become more receptive to new perspectives and open to receive healing. Yes, the Sacred Center is special, but it’s not the only place where you can connect to your spirit.

I’d like to help you learn how to easily create your own sacred space. Join me for a two-hour workshop packed with simple-to-apply ideas that will deepen your spiritual practice and help you find peace and connection any time you want it.

May you draw endless inspiration from your own Sacred Center in 2016 | Tibetan singing bowl with goddess

The Chumpi Stones are the foundation of your Spirit’s permanent home

Simply meditating in the same spot each day will make a space “sacred,” but there is a faster, more tangible way to create a spiritual home for yourself  – build the foundations using the Chumpi stones.

When you use the Chumpi stones to hold the energy of your sacred space, you’re working directly with the forces of the universe to channel your power and focus your intention.

The Chumpis are your building blocks and they can be used to craft a deeply personal sacred space that helps you heal and grow.

During a Create Sacred Space workshop you will discover how to

  • use the Chumpi stones as your “spiritual building blocks”
  • select additional sacred objects to bring specific energies to your healing space
  • focus your mind and still your emotions once you’ve set the scene
Chumpi healing stones | Sacred Center Peru Journey | Chumpi Illumination
Chumpi healing stones

Attend one workshop or join us for the entire Sacred Space Series

Fee per session: $45

Thursday, February 11, 6pm – 8pm

Sunday, February 21, 1pm – 3pm

Sunday, February 28, 1pm – 3pm

Thursday, March 3, 6pm – 8pm

OR sign up for all four workshops and save.
Fee for all four workshops: $150

All workshops are open to the public and do not need to be taken sequentially.
Please contact Eleanora if you have any questions. 

Want to heal? Learn to adapt


When you’re adaptable, you have the flexibility to change and attune your energy to the situation. 

To be adaptable doesn’t mean you’re constantly changing yourself in order to fit in. Instead, you root firmly in the core of who you are. The only thing that changes is your attitude.

When you enter a situation prepared to shift your attitude to your environment (rather than “sticking to your guns”), you’re able to harmonize with the collective vibration. This creates an opening for healing instead of posing a challenge the presenting reality.

CHILL: an evolutionary healing modality that empowers you to adapt

Chumpi Illumination is a system for healing and transformation that has ancient roots in Andean wisdom and mystery traditions from across time and space. At the same time, CHILL has been developed to offer the 21st century seeker the tools she needs to meet the conflicts of modern life.

At the Sacred Center, we sit in counsel with Guidance, channeling energies that are expansive and freeing. But what about everyday life? 

The intention of the healing training is to help you carry those energies from the sacred space into every space.CHILL is designed to serve you in all aspects of your life so that you can keep your own vibration high and elevate those around you.

It may take a little time to master this shift, but it is possible. This expansiveness and freedom is your natural state of being.

Bringing the CHILL teachings to a new space: The New York Open Center

Eleanora will be leading a special four-hour class about Chumpi Illumination called Illuminate Your Reality, Activate Your Soul on Saturday, August 8.

It’s important to bring the CHILL teachings from their origins in the Andes and from their peaceful home at the Sacred Center in Warwick. It proves the versatility and adaptability of CHILL. Even in the heat of a busy New York City summer day, you can flow with the rhythm of the cosmos and connect with the stars.

At Illuminate Your Reality, Activate Your Soul you can expect to:

  • Learn about the Andean Chumpi Stones and get the basics of how to use these sacred tools
  • Discover how you reflect the architecture of the universe – and use this knowledge to solve your everyday problems
  • Sample a Chumpi Illumination healing and get a chance to work with these hand carved Peruvian artifacts

Join us!

Saturday, August 8, 2 – 6 PM
Open Center
22 E. 30th Street, New York City

$55 in advance. $65 at the door.

Enrollment is limited. Get details and registration or call 845-987-7846.

Discover Chumpi Illumination at the Open Center in NYC on Aug. 8

Shell and chumpi stines | Sacred Center Mystery School Healing Center Warwick NY

Illuminate Your Reality,

Activate Your Soul

You know there’s more to life than the daily routine.

There’s a deeper mystery that connects body, soul, and universe – you’ve felt it, but you can’t always access that expansive energy.

You can open a door to this Greater Reality and access your greatest potential. A pioneering approach to healing and transformation called Chumpi Illumination will open a portal to the cosmos – and into your own true self.

A unique opportunity to CHILL in New York City at the Open Center on August 8

Mesa Sacred Tools Sacred Center Crystals Chumpi Stones

Join master healer, teacher, and alchemist Eleanora Amendolara as she guides you through the portals of the stars and into your own immortal spirit to shift your physical and emotional reality.

This four-hour introduction to Chumpi Illumination combines South American indigenous tradition with modern approaches to health and well-being. Learn advanced spiritual practices as well as hands-on healing techniques.

You will learn about the traditional origins of these sacred tools. The majority of the event will be devoted to the art of using the Chumpis to soothe the conflicts of daily life.

You will have a chance handle the stones and use them in a healing. Intuition is part of the alchemy of Chumpi Illumination, but so is the skill of muscle testing. Eleanora is a certified Health Kinesiology teacher and will train you in the basic principles of asking questions and getting a clear answer from the body.

Why is this the time to experience the healing power Chumpi Stones?

Eleanora Amendolara | Sacred Center | Journey to Peru Eleanora acknowledges that people have many choices when it come to healing modalities and spiritual practices, but she explains how Chumpi Illumination is unique:

“Certainly we’re using the Chumpi stones in a way that no one else in the world does. We’re blending wisdom gleaned from the sacred sites pf Peru with insights from global mystery traditions. And then we ground that knowledge in the practical, embodied truths that come through the pairing of intuition and muscle testing.”

Inspired by the indigenous wisdom of the Andes and the study of universal mystery traditions, CHILL focuses the power of human consciousness. Chumpi Illumination is a 21st century creation, devised as a response to exactly what contemporary Western people need right now – a direct connection to the earth, the cosmos, and to their own highest potential.

Register today for this unique healing workshop 

Saturday, August 8, 2 – 6 PM
Open Center
22 E. 30th Street, New York City

$55 in advance (via PayPal, check or, credit card. $65 at the door).
Enrollment is limited

“CHILL offers totally grounded and playful access to the stars and to stellar consciousness.”
– Barbara Hand Clow, author of Alchemy of Nine Dimensions