What lights you up inside?
What makes you excited about a new opportunity?
What makes you say yes to yourself?

What about the promise of personal and collective evolution?

P1070778I’m grateful that I get to hold space for individual and collective evolution. It’s part of the job description for a Mystery School founder, after all! The CHILL class that took place in Santa Fe on the weekend before the Solstice was no exception.

Within the first two hours of this weekend-long class the energy quickly shifted beyond me, the teacher, simply providing information. It encompassed everyone in the room as they received new wisdom and also generated their own ideas and light.

And then, it became clear that we’d all begun to evolve together to create what I think of as a “new order” community.

With a tremendous circle of interdimensional helpers, we sat in counsel to reach an expanded collective awareness. Though we’d been strangers only a handful of hours before, we were now connected in a profound and transformative way.

This is your opportunity to enter a circle of transformation

Eleanora Amendolara Chumpi IlluminationThis sort of community was created when we supported each person with his or her own Chumpi stone healing. Everyone had a chance to lie in one of the geometric forms that are the signature of a CHILL session. Using muscle testing, we discovered the words that described the conflict that wanted to be resolved. We also added crystals, sounds, and other healing symbols to hold a specific frequency for each students’ evolution.

By coming together in this manner, as healers and as members of a collective, we also expanded our individual consciousness and our ability to give and receive healing.

With great gratitude, I can tell you that this is what happens at every Chumpi Illumination workshop.

On July 23 and 24 I am opening this opportunity for personal and communal growth to everyone who can join us at the Sacred Center in Warwick, NY.

Get more information about this Introduction to Chumpi Illumination and how it’s the first step into the Sacred Center Mystery School.

If you bring a friend you’ll save $50 off your tuition for this weekend class that runs from 10 AM – 4 PM on Saturday and Sunday, July 23 and 24.

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