You yearn to go deeper…

You feel there’s more to life than being preoccupied with the past or being worried about the future.

You sense that there’s a vast energy that connects mind, body, soul, and universe.

You understand that it’s possible to awaken and enter a new relationship with Spirit and with your lived experience.

Yes, you sense these Truths could change everything for you, but you can’t always access such expansive energy.

Illuminate Your Reality

When you begin to dance with the cycles of nature and the forces of creation, you truly awaken. Illusions lose their hold on you and Truth is revealed.

Healing and transformation can become part of your everyday life when you hold this level of awareness and consciousness.

This is a common theme in spiritual circles, and a worthy goal, but HOW?

Build a Gateway Into Your Own Spirit

You’re seeking a different, more enduring way to shift your daily reality and resolve the conflicts that diminish your well-being.

Master healer, teacher, and alchemist Eleanora Amendolara has spent the last two decades developing and channeling a signature approach to transformation and awakening. This work integrates ancient traditions, contemporary needs, and practical techniques for healing yourself and others.

Chumpi Illumination enlivens your physical body, expands your mind, and elevates your spirit. When you use the Chumpis as your sacred tools, your own unique gateway to Self and Spirit is revealed.

At the Sacred Center there isn’t one, single way to awaken – there is only your way.

Peru Rainbow 1371Which path are you called to follow?

A healing session in New York City or Warwick, NY: Eleanora supports deep, enduring shifts in your consciousness and your overall health through muscle testing and advanced energy healing techniques.

Deepen your own ability to heal yourself and others and take an energy healing class at the Sacred Center: Enroll in the Mystery School and illuminate your reality. This is where you truly begin to activate your soul.

Take the trip of a lifetime: Join Eleanora for an adventure to the peaks of Peruvian Andes and the heart of the Sacred Valley. Commune with the mountains and immerse yourself in the ways of the local people.

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