There’s no single way to your own Sacred Center. Today, I invite you to wander in three potential paths with me. You’ll find that they intermingle and overlap and circle around on themselves… That’s just as it should be because the way to Spirit is never straight and narrow.

Being Seen.

So often, a theme emerges in a week of private healing sessions. Most recently, the work has centered on gazing into the eyes of the Divine and experiencing what it is to see and be seen without expectation or obligation.

It’s a very personal connection – each person sees the expression of the Sacred that is most  meaningful to them, but it’s always in human or animal form. Right now, expressions of the sacred feminine are coming in most strongly, illuminating and resonating through the body, mind, and spirit.

Daily life – and daily problems – are so often related to the very human need to be seen. These healings elevate being seen to a more profound level. It’s an invitation to gaze into your own Soul without judgment or criticism.  It’s devotion without an agenda or a set of “shoulds.”

When you go deep enough to see the divine nature of your own Self, you know what it is to be connected to the heart of divinity itself.  

Being Inspired.

When you can stay open to your everyday experiences and you keep yourself from shutting down due to fear, exhaustion, or sheer information overload, you can experience unlimited inspiration. When you’re in that place of openness, you are truly alive and connected.

For me, I know that daily meditation and communication with the Guides is what allows me to breathe in Truth – the origin of “inspiration.”

It was in a recent meditation that I was instructed about how this is the year to show up and be seen for all of the greatness that wants to shine through you.

This is the time to use your voice. Be heard. Be seen. Be inspired as you inspire those around you.

Being Healed.

“Your Center” isn’t a physical space. It’s a point in infinity from which you live your life, but you could never chart it on a map.  In order to reach that intangible state of consciousness, however, you need to be strongly anchored in your physical body.

When you look into your own Divine Expression and you open your eyes to the inspiration that dances around you at every moment, you can step into the most authentic expression of who you are – stronger, more able to grow and emerge into your own greatness.  

As is the way with multidimensional healing, you heal all facets of your being when you heal one facet. And you must look to the needs of all aspects of who you are in order to address a specific problem.

4 Ways to Connect through the Sacred Center

I want to let you know about three exciting ways to use the Sacred Center’s work to access your own center. There’s a great deal happening right now, but that is just how we want 2016 to begin…

February 10: Virtual Wisdom Council: Create Sacred Space

As always, the VWC is a free one-hour teaching and meditation session that you can access by phone from anywhere in the world. We’ll be exploring  what it means to create a sacred physical space where you can regularly experience moments of spiritual enlightenment.

February and March: Four Create Sacred Space Workshops in Warwick, NY

In these workshops you will learn how to build a permanent home for your Spirit. Attend a single session or get a discount when you come to all four. They begin February 11.

March 19 -20: Intro to Chumpi Illumination

This two-day class is your first step into the Mystery School. Learn self-healing techniques and uncover the light that guides your personal evolution.

Journey to Peru this May

There are only a couple of spots open in this year’s Stargate adventure. This is the year to be inspired by the sacred mountains and lagoons of the Andes!3 Ways to Connect to Your Sacred Center | Machu Picchu | Peru