Chumpi Illumination

Clients and students come to me because they are trying to cope with the frustration, exhaustion, anxiety and sense of “what else can I do?” that’s inherent to modern life.

“CHILL” is my answer.

Chumpi Illumination or CHILL is a synthesis of a lifetime of study of the world’s most enduring spiritual traditions. It is emerging as something both ancient and new. My 1:1 healing sessions and the classes taught in the Mystery School are informed by decades of exploration, inquiry, training, and practice.

There is no single path to healing and awakening. Chumpi Illumination itself draws together the ancient Chumpi stones of Peru, principles of sacred geometry, and aspects of ancient mystery traditions from around the globe.

As you begin to explore CHILL, it’s important to remember that your unique lineage, knowledge, experience, and areas of study are your greatest strengths.

The Key Elements of Chumpi Illumination

There are twelve stones in a basic CHILL set. The energy of the thirteenth Chumpi is still emerging.

Each stone resonates with the frequency of an apu, a sacred mountain, surrounding the Sacred Valley of Cusco, Peru. The stones represent a different facet of human consciousness.

To learn about the individual qualities of each Chumpi stone, purchase the new book and card set.

Sacred Geometry creates a space for healing.

The Chumpi stones are placed around the body to create a “portal of healing.” When you are held by the stones, you realize that you don’t have to work to be receptive and enter a healing space. You can simply show up and allow yourself to be.

While advanced practitioners can use many Chumpis to create a form, a healing can be as simple as holding two stones or lying inside the shape of a triangle or a square.

Muscle Testing allows you to tap into the innate intelligence of the body.

Intuition is a valuable tool for any healer, whether they are working on themselves or others. Muscle testing offers CHILL practitioners even more insight and clarity. Using gentle pressure to test the strength of a client’s muscle, the practitioner can ask the body questions about causes of physical, emotional, psychological, and spiritual dis-ease. We use this method to determine which Chumpis best serve in a healing, too.

It’s also possible to learn how to test yourself. In the Mystery School, you can learn the art and science of muscle testing for yourself and others.

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