Chumpi Illumination: a new portal into healing and transformation

Chumpi Illumination is the approach to awakening that healers and seekers of Greater Truths have been waiting for.

Inspired by the indigenous wisdom of the Andes, the power of sacred tools, the practical art of muscle testing, and the study of universal mystery traditions, (CHILL anchors you into your own life while teaching you to navigate your Greater Reality.

Employing ancient knowledge of symbols and sacred geometry, Chumpi Illumination address stress and conflict at point in the human condition – the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual levels.


Why CHILL? Why Now?

You have many choices when it come to healing modalities and spiritual practices – why should you explore Chumpi Illumination?

At the Sacred Center, global and cosmic wisdom merge in a way that’s unlike any other approach to healing and transformation taught in the world today.

This is contemporary alchemy.

Andean wisdom and interdimensional insights blend with the practical, embodied truths that come through the pairing of intuition and muscle testing.

The Mystery and Potential of Twelve

The sacred tools that make CHILL accessible and tangible are the Chumpi stones from the Peruvian Andes. Each stone represents one of the twelve facets of human consciousness from Birth to Awakening to Creation. We place these stones around the body in forms that reflect the architecture of the universe.

Chumpi Stones | Sacred Center Energy Healing

Twelve is a sacred number that echoes through the history of time. Think of the zodiac signs, the apostles, the tribes of Israel – even a dozen eggs! It’s no coincidence that so many traditions reverberate with that special number: it’s inscribed in the heavens and in the human experience.

In an individual CHILL session with Eleanora or as a student in the Mystery school, you connect with your own truest self by coming into conscious relationship with all twelve of the fundamental energies that the Chumpis represent.

Enter Your Own Stargate

Cuzco, Peru is the birthplace of CHILL – and not just because it is where the Chumpi stones have been carved and used for centuries. During Eleanora’s first journeys to that city in the heart of the Sacred Valley in the mid 1990s, she discovered teachings that were seeded into the earth countless years ago.

These teachings came through portals and stargates. In the modern age we seem to have lost the ability to tune in and access them. You get a glimpse when sitting atop the apus (the sacred mountains that surround Cuzco). You are swept into a subtle realm of timeless knowing.

The practice of Chumpi Illumination brings that feeling down from the mountains and into the daily life of the awakening soul. It is a process of re-membering ancient wisdom and unifying your very being.

Muscle Testing

Chumpi Illumination enables you to reach deep into the psyche and far into the cosmos, but this is only possible because the work is grounded in the quantitative practice of muscle testing.

Muscle testing enables the practitioner to follow the body’s own innate intelligence and get real information that guides the healing and reveals new truths. As one of the few credentialed teachers of Health Kinesiology (also known as Natural Bioenergetics) in the US, Eleanora applies and teaches her vast knowledge of the human energy system and weaves it seamlessly into the intuitive aspects of CHILL.

Make Chumpi Illumination Part of Your Own Sacred Journey

Working with the twelve chumpis is an endless weaving of energies. With every CHILL experience you’re united with new insights. Greater Truths dissolve our confining stories. Continual growth becomes effortless and attainable.

Learn more and begin your own CHILL work with the book and wisdom card deck, Chumpi Illumination: Gateways to Healing and Transformation.

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