Individual Healing Sessions

Energy Healing that Invites Whole-Self Transformation

Your quest for health and well-being is holistic. This means you’re seeking an approach to healing that addresses all that you are, from cell to soul.

And so, you need an individualized approach to healing that addresses the fullness of your needs, from the smallest building blocks of life to the fullest expression of the spirit.

It’s time to address your health concerns on an intimate, integrated level. It’s time to consult a professional who tunes into your own body’s intelligence, not by some “one size fits all” approach.

It’s time to revise your old energetic patterns and achieve true balance and renewal.

Why do people seek out a Master Healer like Eleanora?

Clients from New York and from across the globe come to Eleanora for physical, mental, and emotional issues of all kinds. In addition to treating the symptoms, Eleanora helps folks get to the root of their problems, healing the mind and the spirit as well as the body.

You may not have words for what ails you, You may have received a diagnosis that causes you to see yourself and your health in a new way. Eleanora meets you where you are and helps you find your way back to wholeness.

Eleanora’s approach to healing

For Eleanora, “to heal someone is to facilitate their awakening.”

This work is rooted in her own signature healing system called Chumpi Illumination and guided by Health Kinesiology using muscle testing. Eleanora is one of the most experienced HK practitioners and teachers in North America. This proven technique enables Eleanora to tap into your body’s inherent wisdom to shape a healing that addresses your own unique needs.

If Health Kinesiology offers the science of healing, then Eleanora’s collection of sacred tools from around the world offer the art and magic of healing.

Relying on her own pioneering healing system, Chumpi Illumination, she calls on Peruvian Chumpi stones, singing bowls from Tibet, bells from India, Native American drums and rattles, feathers from the jungle, and other artifacts from shamanic practitioners. These sacred objects have been lovingly and respectfully collected during Eleanora’s global travels.

Book an appointment: In Warwick, NY, New York City, or anywhere in the world

Eleanora’s decades of experience, plus her  vast store of both mystical and practical knowledge will create  new doorways into well-being and transformation.

Would you like to book a session?

Eleanora sees clients at the Sacred Center in Warwick in New York’s rural Orange County. She also has offices in Brooklyn, New York. If you live outside the greater New York City area you can schedule a virtual healing session via telephone or Zoom.

Contact Eleanora by email or call to book an appointment: 845-987-7846.