Energy Healing Sessions that Transform You from Cell to Spirit

You have a real, deeply rooted problem that’s showing itself through physical or emotional symptoms. You’ve tried whatever alternative techniques or practitioners that your family and friends could recommend. Perhaps you’ve gone down the medical route as well.

It’s time to address your concerns on an intimate, integrated level. When your healing is directed by your own body’s intelligence, not by some “one size fits all” approach, you’re able to revise your old energetic patterns and achieve true balance and renewal.

What it means to consult a Master Healer

Eleanora Amendolara | Moray | Sacred Center Peru JourneyEleanora Amendolara is a master healer who accesses the intelligence of the body and opens your own personal door to healing. 

For Eleanora, to heal someone is to facilitate his or her awakening. She is simultaneously connected to the needs of the body, mind, and spirit. This work, rooted in her signature healing system called Chumpi Illumination, addresses the sources of conflict and dis-ease at every level.

Her work effects change throughout the human energy system, promoting transformation at the physical, cellular level all the way to the subtlest layers of the soul.

Every healing session is a new creative journey 

“Every door is open to you when you know that you just don’t know.”

Eleanora approaches every healing session like a journey into the unknown. She begins with a conversation, asking you about what’s bothering you. Quickly, the talking turns to the asking deliberate and well-crafted questions. Language becomes a discovery tool to access the complex beauty of who you really are.

Energy Healing Session | Sacred Center Warwick NYUsing muscle testing techniques (Eleanora is a certified Health Kinesiology practitioner and teacher), she asks your body how to proceed. What needs to be addressed first? What’s really at the core of what you think is the problem?

The healing becomes a co-creative journey, exploring new territory in order to soothe old wounds and keep new troubles from manifesting in your daily life.

Sacred tools from around the world including the Peruvian Chumpi stones and artifacts from Tibetan shamans support your healing experience. Crystal singing bowls and Indian bells and gongs will transport you to another world.

Decades of experience and a vast knowledge of this multi-dimensional universe enables Eleanora to offer you transcendent wisdom as well as practical information that will immediately help you feel better.

Book an appointment: In Warwick, NY, New York City, or anywhere in the world

Eleanora sees clients at the Sacred Center in Warwick in New York’s rural Orange County. She also has offices in New York City and Brooklyn. If you live outside the greater New York City area you can schedule a virtual healing session via telephone or Skype.

Contact Eleanora by email or call to book an appointment: 845-987-7846.

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