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At the Sacred Center, when you learn mind-body-spirit healing, you’re not taught to fix something that’s broken. Instead, the Mystery School gives you a foundation to rediscover your own inherent wholeness and your connection to Greater Truths.

Why “The Mystery School” and what does that mean?

The term “mystery school” is an ancient one shared by countless spiritual lineages from across time and space.

The Mystery School at the Sacred Center for the Healing Arts is anything but remote and esoteric. Yes, we seek to access the mysteries that linger beneath the surface of human consciousness, but the intention is to apply these revelations to daily life. The goal is to feel happy and whole and prepared to flow with the demands of our modern world.

You’ll discover how to live the mystery, not just study it.

What makes the Sacred Center unique? We CHILL

Mountain Lagoon | Sacred Center Peru JourneyChumpi Illumination or CHILL is the basis of the Mystery School teachings. This pioneering system for healing and transformation gives you a new way to dissolve stress and conflict at the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual levels.

Awakening to Greater Truths dissolves all lesser ones

Chumpi stones are commonly found in the marketplaces of the Peruvian Andes and on the mesa cloths of shamans and elders. The Chumpis are our sacred tools, the touchstones that ground our journeys into mind and spirit and into this physical reality.

Chumpi Illumination is a fresh and completely unique approach that you’ll only find in Eleanora’s Sacred Center teachings. Weaving together the universal languages of symbols and sacred geometry with indigenous wisdom from across the globe, the entire field of human and cosmic consciousness is our classroom.

Sourced by spirit, guided by the body: learn the art and science of muscle testing

Rainbow Crystal | Sacred Center Mystery School Energy HealingThe intuitive, sacred work that you’ll learn at the Mystery School is grounded in the invaluable skill of muscle testing. Both an art and a science, when you master muscle testing you tap into the vast intelligence that exists within every living cell – and every corner of the universe.

Eleanora is one of only a handful of certified Health Kinesiology teachers in the US. When you study with Eleanora, you get a solid foundation in the quantitative, diagnostic powers of muscle testing.

By tapping in at this physical level, you receive direct, unbiased information from the body’s own innate intelligence. As part of this training you will gain practical insight into what foods and supplements nourish or deplete the system. Muscle testing gives you a “yes” or “no” answer to questions about the physical body, psychological and emotional stresses, and even spiritual matters.

Feeling the body’s  “yes” or “no” response is a skill that you’ll learn quickly in the Mystery School. The art that you’ll apprentice at over your course of study is in the formation of the right questions.

You’ll learn to formulate questions that reveal the origin of dis-ease and the root of conflict. Language becomes a pathway to discovery.

Sue Fick Sacred Center Mystery School StudentThe classes at the Sacred Center are like no other. First, you are immersed in experience and only later the “information” your brain craves is filled in. It took me a long time to unlearn the traditional way of learning, but I find the process to be liberating and exhilarating.

I have been a student of Eleanora’s for over two decades and I continue to be amazed at how much more there is to discover on this journey. For me, I go to class to learn how to live my life from the place of connection – to myself, to others and the divine. I can’t imagine a more fulfilling life.

– Sue Fick, Lake Katrine NY


“My experience in the Mystery School has been transformative, illuminating, rooting, transcendental….these are big sweeping words, I know, made vague and amorphous by their overuse… Yet there is nothing vague about Eleanora’s work with the chumpis. Her teaching is grounded and granular–giving us stepping stones to venture beyond what we think we know; building bridges between the smallest, wounded self and our deepest, wisest, divine self; and developing an architecture within which anything is possible for this specific soul on this very present journey to the light.”

– Teresa Shelley, New Paltz, NY

What’s possible when you live according to the rhythms of nature?

Sacred Object | Sacred Center Mystery School Energy HealingThe universe offers us all of the forms and templates we need to find wholeness and meaning in our lives.

The Mystery School courses focus on helping you create gateways into the Greater Reality, the space beyond separation and fear. The techniques you learn will help you express your truest self and step into your soul’s potential.

Enroll in the Mystery School

Begin with a two-day introductory class – Illuminate Your Greater Reality. See the events page for the next Intro Class.

Next, you will be invited to continue your studies by taking a series of four more classes. Upon completion of the basic Mystery School classes you can continue on with our Advanced Students’ classes.

Learn about upcoming Mystery School classes and how to get started.

DeniseThe teachings of the Chumpi stones have created such a powerful deep shift in my perspective Whether that is a true shift from the deepest of my being or simply a thorough unveiling that allows me to project my life from such a higher place, of that I am not 100% sure, but I do know that it has been the single most powerful thing I have done in my life.
– Denise Manna, West Milford, NJ