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A selection of articles and videos written by and about Eleanora Amendolara and her healing system CHILL, Chumpi Illumination.

Eleanora is interviewed on Camp Radio KFSR in Santa Fe

Health, Healing and the Healer series
Interview starts around 24:30

Chumpi Illumination Stones & Wisdom Cards: Gateways to Healing and Transformation

How can the Chumpi stones and wisdom cards guide your way?

Journey to the Stargates of Peru

In April of 2015, Eleanora led a group of adventurers into the sacred peaks and through the deepest jungles of Peru.

This one-of-a-kind video experience offers you a first person perspective of the journey.

Scale the walls of Machu Picchu. Look down on the circles of the Incan site at Moray. Emerge yourself in a sacred lagoon. Connect to the soul of the universe in a kaleidoscope of stars.

Eleanora guests on Connections with Deborah Turner
Rockland World Radio

Tune in to hear Eleanora’ describe the path of the healing artist, her adventures to Peru, and the origins of Chumpi Illumination in this interview with Deborah Turner of Connections radio.

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Chumpi Stones Creation- Video
from YouTube

Artist Betty Kispet Kilka demonstrates how she handcrafts Chumpi Stones at her gallery in Cusco, Peru. She also explains the origins and purpose of these ancient Andean healing stones.

These stones are the foundation of CHILL: Chumpi Illumination, the transformational healing & awakening system taught at the Mystery School at the Sacred Center in Warwick, NY.

The Sacred Center for the Healing Arts – Video
from YouTube

Eleanora invites you into her worlds: the Sacred Center in Warwick, NY and the Sacred Valley in Peru. Please “like” the video and subscribe to our YouTube channel for more videos from the Sacred Center.

Healing and the Greater Reality: The New Stories
from The Healing Artist Studio on Blog Talk Radio

In the Greater Reality, healing doesn’t mean fixing ourselves. It does mean embracing a new relationship with duality, plus uncovering ourselves and emerging while in an expanded space. The key is to open the door and discover the more! Join Eleanora and host, Valerie Michele at The Healing Artist Studio Internet radio channel. The live broadcast had over 200 live listeners, and this podcast recording of the live event attracted close to 4,000 listeners during the first week of airing.

(If the embedded Radio Player will not play on your device, listen at The Healing Artist Studio.)

Standing Naked In Rose Petals: A Healer’s Memoir
from The Healing Artist Studio on Blog Talk Radio

Join The Healing Artist Studio for a conversation with Eleanora, the author of Standing Naked In Rose Petals. Eleanora has been described as a Master Healer/Shaman/Teacher, who is not just “one in a million but one in a lifetime.” Reviewers have said that the book “shines as a guide to self-awakening”; that it has “the keys we need to unlock our selves”; that the “biography, commentary, and testimonials energetically trigger memories that reveal our own divinity.” Valerie, the producer and host, collaborated with the author on the book which she describes as being “life transforming beginning with almost a year of interviews, to a near perilous journey to Cusco, Peru, to navigating the self-publishing world. This recorded podcast of the book launch received over 2000 listeners in less than 24 hours following the live event.

Find out more about the book…

(If the embedded Radio Player will not play on your device, listen at The Healing Artist Studio.)

The Power of the Chumpis In the Hands of the North American Seeker
from Elephant Journal

I was walking through Cusco, and the entire city was bustling with preparations for the Inti Raymi festival. It was 1997 and I had already been to Peru many times, so I knew the area pretty well. This time, however, I’d arrived at this city nestled in the Sacred Valley without having booked a hotel. Though they said I’d never find a room, I finally managed to get a place in a very dark hostel.

As I was settling in, a local woman visited my room and handed me seven stones that would shift the course of my entire life. This was my first set of Chumpis. Seven stones that fit so well in the palm of my hand were studded with between one and seven “mountains” – little bumps that differentiated the Chumpis from one another. I was told that they had been passed down through the generations, and I believe they were over 100 years old. Read more…

Why Peru? Why Not?
from Wisdom Magazine

In the 21st century, the spirit of place and taking spiritual journeys is more important than ever. For master healer, teacher, and visionary Eleanora Amendolara, Peru, its land, spirit, and people offer unparalleled opportunities for self-growth and transformation.

As the Internet makes our world smaller and it becomes so easy to connect with people on the other side of the globe, it is possible to feel like you are immersing yourself in other cultures by simply jumping online. Without disrupting our daily routines, we can learn so much so fast in a way that just wasn’t imaginable even a decade ago. I am in awe of all of the information and connection that come through all these new digital channels, and yet I still believe in the power of place and the transformational potential of taking a journey. Read more…

Excerpt from Standing Naked in Rose Petals
from Wisdom Magazine


The Child didn’t know who to talk to or how to talk about it. She had a feeling that she should keep it to herself. The family was traveling in their 1952 green Plymouth on a rural Pennsylvania road to visit friends, when it happened. Acres of tilled, flat farmland surrounded them and in the distance The Child saw a woman walking on the side of the road toward the car. She wore a large bonnet, a long white dress narrowly fitted at the waist, with a ruffled collar, long sleeves, and a woven basket over her arm. She carried herself with a simple elegance as if she were happily out for a Sunday stroll on a sunny day. The Child sensed the woman was from another time. She saw her as clearly as she could see her father in the front seat at the wheel of the car. She wondered if anyone else saw her. Read more…