Excerpt from Standing Naked in Rose Petals

from Wisdom Magazine


The Child didn’t know who to talk to or how to talk about it. She had a feeling that she should keep it to herself. The family was traveling in their 1952 green Plymouth on a rural Pennsylvania road to visit friends, when it happened. Acres of tilled, flat farmland surrounded them and in the distance The Child saw a woman walking on the side of the road toward the car. She wore a large bonnet, a long white dress narrowly fitted at the waist, with a ruffled collar, long sleeves, and a woven basket over her arm. She carried herself with a simple elegance as if she were happily out for a Sunday stroll on a sunny day. The Child sensed the woman was from another time. She saw her as clearly as she could see her father in the front seat at the wheel of the car. She wondered if anyone else saw her.

Her eyes darted around to the other members of the family: her father focused on the road ahead; her mother sitting beside him, her head turned to take in the scenery; her two sisters and brother self-absorbed in their own worlds; and no one noticed hers.

The Child kept quiet and faced forward as the car drove past the woman. She turned around to look at her again but she had vanished. She realized something out of the ordinary had happened. Nothing was said by anyone in the car—no recognition at all of anything different or strange.

The Child didn’t understand what had just happened but she knew it was unusual. Was she going to tell them about the woman? Who was she going to tell? Her mother? Her father? She was seven years old and had a mystical experience. She kept many things quiet and inside in the early years.

Later, she came to identify it as walking the line, being in the space outside linear time where she saw a soul or spirit.

I am The Watcher who knows all of her aspects: The Child, The Traveler, The Teacher-Healer. Eleanora and I will tell her story.

standing Naked in Rose Petals 

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First published in Wisdom Magazine