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Chumpi Illumination: Gateways to Healing and Transformation

Eleanora Amendolara with Marisa Goudy

Use the Chumpi stones of Peru to build your own divine temple and create a gateway into the essence of who you really are.

Master healer and teacher Eleanora Amendolara brings the magic of the Chumpis to North America with her signature healing system, Chumpi Illumination (CHILL).

This book and wisdom desk offers you the opportunity to connect to the power and potential of these ancient, sacred tools and use this wisdom in your own life.

As you’ll explore in the book, CHILL combines the principles of sacred geometry, the insights of universal mystery traditions, and a legacy of shamanic wisdom. Use these insights with the accompanying 15-card deck to access your Higher Self and the Greater Reality.

“Eleanora Amendolara’s elucidation of the meaning of the Chumpis is clear, simple, and profound. CHILL offers totally grounded and playful access to the stars and to stellar consciousness.”

Barbara Hand Clow, author of Alchemy of Nine Dimensions: The 2011/2012 Prophecies and Nine Dimensions of Consciousness

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What readers say about Chumpi Illumination

I am new to working with Chumpi Illumination but after reading the book I was very touched and motivated to want to work with the wisdom and energies that they represent and can offer.
– Judith Casale

It’s not often that a book can provide a wealth of information, in this case wisdom and insight from ancient forms and patterns provided by the Chumpi stones, and so wonderfully illuminated by Eleanora. We are also given the cards to work with…to find balance and connection with the greater reality. Use them as “stepping stones” to awaken your inner wisdom!
– Sally Malatras

Standing Naked in Rose Petals

Eleanora Amendolara with Valerie Michelle Oliver

Standing Naked in Rose Petals is a tale of discovery, identity, and commitment to one’s true purpose. The most enchanting, magical, and rewarding life of all is using our own stories to become more human.

Standing Naked

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What readers say about Standing Naked in Rose Petals

Unravel the threads of self-limitations, expand into new awakenings and find the essence of who you truly are through reading this book. The keys we need to unlock ourselves are provided. Standing Naked in Rose Petals shines as a guide to self awakening.
– Fiona Whitmore, Founder, Healix Institute and Co-founder, Healix Academy, Author of Auras and Chakras 911.

We read about a woman’s powerful life as a healer, teacher, shaman, and recognize them as aspects of our own identity. Eleanora’s biography, commentary and the testimonials in the book energetically trigger memories that reveal our own divinity. It is time to remember who we are!
– Suzy Meszoly, Spiritual Teacher, Healer, Author of Infinite Universe.

Eleanora sees through the eyes of the non-ordinary into the extraordinary. Let her words be your guide on your path.
– Fran Russo, Ayllusuyu, Author of Through The Eyes of Jaguar: One Woman’s Journey.

Ease into the state of connection, the state of inter-being. Be consciously present as you journey into becoming, being, and always becoming.
– Linda E. Power, Poet of Petite Picture Poems – Snippets of Life and Whimsy, Author of Divorce Empowerment – What You Need to Know, Do, and Say