Divine Embodiment - The Art and Practice of Chumpi Illumination - Book & Deck Set - CHILL - Eleanora Amendolara - Marisa GoudyDivine Embodiment - The Art and Practice of Chumpi Illumination - Book & Deck Set - CHILL - Eleanora Amendolara - Marisa Goudy

Learn a whole new approach to healing & awakening

Begin your study of CHILL: The Intro to Chumpi Illumination is available as an on-demand video training

The world is changing all around us, and we feel it at every level. We are transforming as individuals, families, communities, and cultures. We are feeling this shift in our physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual bodies.

There is reason to place our hope in this great moment of transformation, but we need the tools and insights that enable us to navigate this pivotal moment.

Chumpi Illumination (CHILL) gives you the healing skills and evolutionary practices you need right now.

CHILL is a proven system of healing that its creator Eleanora Amendolara has shared with thousands of clients over the past three decades. She has taught these techniques to hundreds of students who have attended the Sacred Center Mystery School.

This on-demand video class is your introduction to the Sacred Center Mystery School and an invitation to Illuminate Your Greater Reality.

Get a special discount on the book & card set, Divine Embodiment: The Art and Practice of Chumpi Illumination when you purchase with the intro (automatically applied at checkout). It’s the perfect companion for the class, especially if you don’t yet have a set of Chumpi stones. Simply select both checkboxes before clicking on Add to cart.

What to expect from this recorded Intro to CHILL workshop

This class is being offered online in a video-on-demand format for the very first time. That means you can begin your exploration of CHILL right now.

And then, after you’ve viewed and absorbed this 90+ minute class, you’ll be eligible to continue your studies in the Mystery School where you’ll learn the fundamentals of sacred geometry, art of muscle testing, and the full potential of the Chumpi stones.

Specific topics in this Intro to CHILL class include:

  • how to access and embody the twelve essential facets of human consciousness
  • using the the Andean Chumpi Stones (or the cards included in the Divine Embodiment book & card set*) in a healing for yourself or others
  • principles of sacred geometry and how to create the forms that help you “plug in” to the Universal Wisdom
  • the basics of muscle testing and how to ask the body questions to gain information about the physical, psychological, emotional, and spiritual body
  • the Mountain-Lagoon technique, a unique approach to balancing and “reading” energy

After the completion of this first intro class, you will be invited to join the Mystery School. You can enroll in any of the CHILL classes, generally offered at the beginning of each new season (both online and in-person in Warwick, NY). Upon the completion of the intro + four seasonal classes you’ll receive a CHILL Practitioner certificate.

*Receive a special bundle price ($119) when you purchase the Intro to CHILL and the Divine Embodiment book & card set on the same order. Just check both boxes before clicking on Add to cart below, the discount will be applied at checkout.

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