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The Spirit of Freedom. The Wisdom of Stability.

The Spirit of Freedom, The Wisdom of Stability by Eleanora Amendolara, Sacred Center Mystery School, Warwick, NY | energy healing

Believe it or not, 2017 is a year of freedom.

Look at it as simple sacred mathematics: 2+0+1+7= 10.

Let me explain. Chumpi Illumination has its own special approach to numerology.  Each of the twelve Chumpi stones resonates with a particular facet of human consciousness. And, in Chumpi Illumination, ten equals freedom, so 2017 is a year of freedom.

To fully understand the meaning and power of each Chumpi, you also need some insight into each stone’s “nega” or shadow. The shadows of freedom are escape and a sense of paralysis.

All too many people have been feeling that it’s impossible to make choices.… Whether it’s “what should I eat?” or “should I take this job?” or “what should I be when I grow up?”, clients and students are coming to me unsure about how to live their own lives. They don’t feel safe enough. They feel as if they don’t have enough space to stretch beyond their limited, day-to-day reality.

All of the work we do at the Sacred Center is dedicated to discovering and occupying the Greater Reality. When I hear that people are feeling so constricted and unable to break out of routines that don’t serve them, it’s clear that we need to resonate to the energy of freedom.  

In Chumpi Illumination: Gateways to Healing and Transformation, we say this about freedom:

Ecstatic in stillness and in movement, we know FREEDOM; released into the limitless heart of the Great Mother, we discover that cosmic heart within ourselves.

For some time now, we’ve been mired in a sort of collective depression. It shows up as passivity and being locked limiting beliefs.

On the whole, we’ve been asleep. We haven’t been able to access the contents of our own hearts, never mind the cosmic heart. And now, we’re looking around and saying “oh boy…” We’re reacting to what’s happening in our own society and in our individual circumstances.

First, it’s important to move out of reactivity and into making a conscious response to what you see happening around you. I’ve written before about the difference between reactions and responses and how a couple of deep breaths can help you make the vital distinction and act accordingly.

When we’re talking about responding to situations with a spirit of freedom rather than limitation, there’s something else to keep in mind: you must learn to rely on your own inward stability.

We recently shared a Virtual Council Call on the subject of choice and freedom. One of the main messages that came through was related to cooperating with your highest Self to build spiritual integrity. That’s where inward security springs from – not from the perfect government or the right amount of money in the bank.

Ultimately, the universe is conspiring on our behalf. It is here to nurture us through the spirit of the Great Mother, not to threaten us. The complete, ecstatic energy of freedom swirls around all of us if we open ourselves to trust it.

I invite you to join the Virtual Wisdom Council to receive this recording and to get invitations to future calls (they’re free).

And, if you know you’re being called to build your spiritual integrity and root into yourself in order to fully embrace freedom, I invite you to join the Sacred Center Mystery School. Our next Intro class (February 25 – 26 in Warwick, NY)  is open to new students.

How a Group Meditation Awakens a Personal Healing

Let there be light! Chumpi Illumination | amethyst crystal | Sacred Center Warwick, NY

There are certain things that are simply true when it comes to healing and other spiritual work. One of the most accessible Truths: when you gather to meditate and do the work together, the power is amplified.

In group meditation and healing, you can enter into deeper states of consciousness and experience a greater spiritual connection because you join with others who are focusing their attention in a similar way.

How Group Meditation and Healing Works in a Sacred Center Circle

Each time the Virtual Wisdom Council comes together (or any of the in-person Sacred Center classes, for that matter), profound and lasting healing takes place. Each person on the call, no matter where they are in the western hemisphere, benefits in a tangible, individual way.

Of course, when teacher, healer, and visionary Eleanora Amendolara leads a meditation, she’s not just holding space for participants to take off on private inner journeys. Instead, she opens each session with a teaching that highlights a theme that’s rippling through her community and through the greater world. Then, she channels that energy into a Chumpi Illumination healing that each person can experience at home.

The result? Each person present, whether they’re with us live or listening to the recording later, benefits at a personal level. And, this healing flows from the small group to the greater whole. After all, everything you do for yourself ultimately affects everyone around you.

What does a Chumpi Illumination Meditation look like?

Eleanora holds her free Virtual Wisdom Council calls every six to eight weeks and welcomes her clients and students as well as people who are new to working with the Chumpi stones.

In December 2015, the focus was on how we can apply indigenous wisdom to our hectic daily lives – particularly during the (mostly) joyful chaos of the holidays.

As Eleanora described it, the peoples of Peru don’t walk on the earth, they let the earth hold them. They live without any sense of separation. The mountains, the stars, the waters are an extension of who they are.

Of course, that kind of connection isn’t a natural part of being for us in the West. But, when you learn about the Andean wisdom that informs so much of Eleanora’s Mystery School teachings, the goal isn’t to appropriate another culture or to pretend that you can move through life with all the attitudes of a Peruvian mountain dweller.

Instead, Eleanora opens a window on the views of the Q’ero, the Quechua, and other mountain people to show us how we might see the “typical” parts of our own lives in a new way – through interrelation rather than ego.

How the Chumpi Stones Help Reframe Your Challenges

“To heal someone is to facilitate their awakening | Sacred Center | Eleanora AmendolaraAnd so, grounded by the Peruvian people’s connection with the earth and supported by this new perspective, Eleanora described how the Chumpis that would help us embody this wisdom. (For more about how the Chumpis work in Chumpi Illumination, click here.)

Using muscle testing – an integral part of Chumpi Illumination – Eleanora determined the collective needs of this group. There were three parts for everyone to experience and work through:

  1. Change shoulds
  2. Discover you have choices
  3. Let yourself be the light

These themes were broad, but they had clear resonance for everyone in the circle. And, as a result of the healing that Eleanora transmitted through the healing, the group released great waves of sadness.

The message for everyone:

We are diamonds in the rough and we are called to shine brighter and brighter.

Shine your Light strongly. Be carried by the light in the darkness.

Even if you were not with us on December 10, you can still receive all the benefits of this healing. Access the recording for this call and all previous Virtual Wisdom Councils. You’ll also be invited to future free events. We’d love to have you with us, strengthening our collective intention and deepening the shared healing.

React or Respond: Which approach creates your reality?

React or Respond: Which approach creates your reality?

You feel as if you have lost your ability to choose your own way…

It’s no wonder. Between the media bombardment and constant impressions from the outside world, the mind is paralyzed by the all the information and choices offered out there.  

We’re barraged with advice on how to eat, parent, meditate, detox, exercise. Everywhere you look, there’s advice on how to live.

So much of this advice is well meaning and can actually help you when you mindfully apply it to your own experiences, but how do you integrate these ideas and still hold on to who you are and what you need?

Create Your Own Song

If I had one wish for you, it would be that you can use all of the tools and concepts out there to write your own song.

It’s easier said than done, I know, but it begins with how you receive the input that comes your way. It begins when you understand the difference between emotions and feelings.

Let me put that another way: I want you to be able to recognize when you’re reacting and when you’re responding to a situation.

Emotions and feelings, reactions and responses — there’s a big difference between them


Emotions and reactivity go hand-in-hand. Both are historical. When you’re reacting with emotion, you’re influenced by what you remember from the past instead of what is actually happening in the present moment.

When you’re trapped in an emotional response, fear and old programming heavily influence how you behave.

Feelings and responses, on the other hand, are both transitory. Feelings can pass through you like water – they don’t leave a mark.

When you respond to a situation, you are fully in the experience itself. Your old stories and memories won’t derail you in the present moment.

How can you learn to respond rather than react?


This advice is almost seems to simple to follow – but then, most of the deepest wisdom is like that.

In order to train yourself to respond rather than react you simply need to slow it down.

The difference between a reaction and a response is found in two deep breaths.

While you fill your lungs and press the virtual pause button, you are making a conscious choice about how to be in the situation. You are determining how to respond rather than succumbing to an unconscious reaction.

Enough words: experience it!


In this post, it sounds like I am recommending that you become more mindful. That’s exactly what I’m doing – but I don’t want you to depend on your mind to make it all happen.

An over-reliance on the mind is exactly what keeps us from simply feeling things and moving on. After all, all the memories and stories that keep you trapped in reactivity live inside your head. Trying to think your way out of that trap isn’t going to work.

Instead, as a healer who seeks to integrate the vibrations of individual human cells with the resonance of the highest spiritual frequencies, I want you to create your own song using every tool in your physical, mental, and spiritual toolbox.

In a recent Virtual Wisdom Council teaching, we explored all of these ideas and then we entered a shared meditative space to tap into the power of the body, mind, and spirit. The goal was to really experience what it means to shift out of reactivity and into healthy, grounded responsiveness.

I invite you to listen to the recording and discover how you can embody this wisdom.

When you’ve registered to hear the Transcending Reactivity call, you’ll also get access to past and future Virtual Wisdom Council events (for free!).


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