Believe it or not, 2017 is a year of freedom.

Look at it as simple sacred mathematics: 2+0+1+7= 10.

Let me explain. Chumpi Illumination has its own special approach to numerology.  Each of the twelve Chumpi stones resonates with a particular facet of human consciousness. And, in Chumpi Illumination, ten equals freedom, so 2017 is a year of freedom.

To fully understand the meaning and power of each Chumpi, you also need some insight into each stone’s “nega” or shadow. The shadows of freedom are escape and a sense of paralysis.

All too many people have been feeling that it’s impossible to make choices.… Whether it’s “what should I eat?” or “should I take this job?” or “what should I be when I grow up?”, clients and students are coming to me unsure about how to live their own lives. They don’t feel safe enough. They feel as if they don’t have enough space to stretch beyond their limited, day-to-day reality.

All of the work we do at the Sacred Center is dedicated to discovering and occupying the Greater Reality. When I hear that people are feeling so constricted and unable to break out of routines that don’t serve them, it’s clear that we need to resonate to the energy of freedom.  

In Chumpi Illumination: Gateways to Healing and Transformation, we say this about freedom:

Ecstatic in stillness and in movement, we know FREEDOM; released into the limitless heart of the Great Mother, we discover that cosmic heart within ourselves.

For some time now, we’ve been mired in a sort of collective depression. It shows up as passivity and being locked limiting beliefs.

On the whole, we’ve been asleep. We haven’t been able to access the contents of our own hearts, never mind the cosmic heart. And now, we’re looking around and saying “oh boy…” We’re reacting to what’s happening in our own society and in our individual circumstances.

First, it’s important to move out of reactivity and into making a conscious response to what you see happening around you. I’ve written before about the difference between reactions and responses and how a couple of deep breaths can help you make the vital distinction and act accordingly.

When we’re talking about responding to situations with a spirit of freedom rather than limitation, there’s something else to keep in mind: you must learn to rely on your own inward stability.

We recently shared a Virtual Council Call on the subject of choice and freedom. One of the main messages that came through was related to cooperating with your highest Self to build spiritual integrity. That’s where inward security springs from – not from the perfect government or the right amount of money in the bank.

Ultimately, the universe is conspiring on our behalf. It is here to nurture us through the spirit of the Great Mother, not to threaten us. The complete, ecstatic energy of freedom swirls around all of us if we open ourselves to trust it.

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