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A Glimpse Through the Stargate: Peru 2018

Eleanora and the adventurers who joined her in Peru will offer us many stories as they return, but here’s a glimpse of Peru through their eyes as they explored Espiritu Pampa (Vilcabamba), the Lost City of the Incas;  Machupicchu; Chavin de Huantar; and Huaraz.

Click on each image in the gallery to get a closer look.

Eleanora leads trips to Peru at least once a year. To be sure you’re notified when the next dates are announced please let us know you’re intererested!

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Visions of Peru

Eleanora and her adventurers are in the midst of their Peru journey. Here’s a selection of the stunning images they’ve been sending home.

The next group trip will take place in 2018, but you have a chance to join Eleanora in Cusco this August. She’ll be offering individual intensives during her summertime trip to Peru. Contact us to get more information when Eleanora returns to Warwick.

Images from the latest Sacred Journey to Peru

The latest Sacred Center Journey to Peru has just come to an end, but Eleanora is staying on in Cusco for a while.

As she continues to explore her beloved adopted homeland, she’s seeking new ways to connect to and enter the stargate portals of this special place.

Her solo adventures will surely make the next group trip, coming up in April 2017, even more rich.

See the itinerary for the next journey and save your place today! 

Rainbow Cave | Eleanora Amendolara | Sacred Center Journey to Peru
Alchemical healing waters at the Rainbow Cave
Eleanora enters the Rainbow Cave
Eleanora Amendolara and Peruvian guide Ruli at Machupicchu
Eleanora and native Peruvian guide Ruli at Machu Picchu
Eleanora and members of the Misminay Community, Moray, Peru
Eleanora and members of the Misminay Community near Moray, Peru
Maras de Sal Salt Mines Peru | Sacred Center Peru Journey
Maras de Sal – Salt Mines

Enter this New Portal Into the Greater Reality

“Adventure” isn’t a word I use lightly even though it’s a word I use often. Horseback riding through the Salkantay Pass at 15,000 feet definitely qualifies (that’s where we’re all headed during this spring’s Peru journey).

The healing work that we’re doing in the Advancing Class where we learn to resonate with our imperfections is an adventure into our own collective humanity.

And all that we’re doing to spread the work about Chumpi Illumination is its own kind of adventure.

I invite you to watch and share this two minute film that showcases the recent book and wisdom card deck Chumpi Illumination: Gateways to Healing and Transformation.

I would be honored if you would share this video on Facebook or your other favorite social media channels. The more people who discover the power and potential of Chumpi Illumination, the more we can shift planetary consciousness toward healing and Truth.

To get your own book and card set, please place your order here.

Enter the Portal that Opens this Summer Solstice

Painted chumpi stone | Sacred Center Mystery School and Healing Center


Even as the plants unfurl their blossoms and people make plans for warm weather adventures, our planet is actually entering a moment of profound stillness.

Today is the Summer Solstice in our northern hemisphere. This is the longest day of the year, the day when the sun appears to be stand still as it reaches its highest point in the sky.  

How profound and how very necessary that we are entering a period of mindful stillness in the midst of the summer hubub. This is when the light of the sun illuminates the unseen, the unnoticed, and the hidden.

The ancients revelled in the earth’s great pause, this time of great luminosity… How will you bring the light into your life today?

A Great Portal Opens for You

At the heart of the Sacred Center work is Chumpi Illumination, so this solstice celebration of light seems especially relevant to the work.

Healing crystal | Sacred Center Mystery School | Warwick NYDuring a CHILL healing, we create a personal portal with the Chumpi stones. We lay the Chumpis around the body in a shape that reflects the architecture of the universe. Sometimes it’s a cross, sometimes a square. Occasionally, it’s a star.

Each shape has a different vibration. They all hold the individual and connect them to a more expansive reality where profound healing takes place.

If you have Chumpi stones or a set of CHILL wisdom cards, take a moment to use them to create your own portal for yourself today.

Set an intention to try to live as if every day is the solstice. What happens when you dare to admit you know you don’t know?  What becomes possible when you’re willing to journey into the unknown and the unseen?

An Invitation to Carry the Solstice Energy Forward

Next Saturday and Sunday (June 27 and 28) we’re offering an Intro to Chumpi Illumination at the Sacred Center in Warwick, NY. There are still a couple of seats available – I’d love to have you with us.

This class is your first in the Mystery School. It’s your chance to learn muscle testing and begin working with the Chumpi stones in hands on healings.

Please forward this link on to a friend who might be interested in finding a new way to find stillness and cultivate a relationship with Spirit.

How do you know if the journey you’re on is taking you somewhere?

“There are two ways to fail on the road to Truth…
The first is to never start out 
and the second is to not go all the way to the end.”
— The Buddha

I love this wisdom from the Buddha because I think it speaks directly to where we are in 2015.

You hear about “your journey” all the time whether it’s the spiritual journey or the creative journey or your journey to health. With so many options and so many offers of support at least in those first steps, it’s relatively easy to get started. The more challenging part may be getting “all the way to the end.

“What does “the end” really mean? If you’re looking to lose a few pounds or earn a professional certification, you can name your destination and celebrate when you get there. But I think some of the most profound journeys don’t have a clear cut conclusion – and that is a wonderful thing.

The Greatest Journey Is Into Yourself. How Will You Get There?

The teachings of Chumpi Illumination help you uncover who you really are. When you use a CHILL form – when you lie in a certain formation of Chumpi stones – you are creating a doorway for your own divine self to come through.

But what makes CHILL unique?

Certainly we’re using the Chumpi stones in a way that no one else in the world does, blending Andean wisdom and insights from the stars with the practical, embodied truths that come through the pairing of intuition and muscle testing.

Another singular factor is the concept of Twelve, that sacred number that echoes through all of creation. There are twelve facets of human consciousness and each Chumpi is keyed to one of them.

We heal and transform by finding ourselves in relationship with all twelve of those facets. It’s an endless weaving of energies that nevertheless brings us to some greater Truth with every CHILL experience. All greater truths dissolve lesser ones and continual growth becomes effortless and attainable.

One Way to Truth: The Mountains & Jungles of Peru

Right now, I am still reflecting on my most recent journey to Peru with a group of adventurers, some of whom experienced the Andes for the first time.

Sacred Center Peru Journey 2015 Manu National Park TreeTogether, we also visited the jungle and the cloud forest. This was an unprecedented opportunity to disconnect from the distractions of daily life and to tune into another reality – literally into the reality of ants and monkeys who seemed to be living their lives as they have since the beginning of time.

They seem to be blissfully unaware of their own facets of being. Theses animals and plants have their own way to Truth, and they can teach the modern, hyperconnected citizen of the world so much by simply being.

Another Way to Truth is Much Closer to Home

As I reintegrate with my daily routine here at home, my mind is on the Mystery School, deepening the training of returning students and making room for new people to take their first steps into the work.

On Saturday and Sunday, June 27 and 28 the next CHILL Introduction, Illuminating Your Greater Reality will be your chance to begin the journey into your own Sacred Center.

You still have a month to make plans to spend the weekend in Warwick, NY. Perhaps this is the time to invite a friend or loved one to walk this new path with you? Get more information and register here.