Enter the Portal that Opens this Summer Solstice

Painted chumpi stone | Sacred Center Mystery School and Healing Center


Even as the plants unfurl their blossoms and people make plans for warm weather adventures, our planet is actually entering a moment of profound stillness.

Today is the Summer Solstice in our northern hemisphere. This is the longest day of the year, the day when the sun appears to be stand still as it reaches its highest point in the sky.  

How profound and how very necessary that we are entering a period of mindful stillness in the midst of the summer hubub. This is when the light of the sun illuminates the unseen, the unnoticed, and the hidden.

The ancients revelled in the earth’s great pause, this time of great luminosity… How will you bring the light into your life today?

A Great Portal Opens for You

At the heart of the Sacred Center work is Chumpi Illumination, so this solstice celebration of light seems especially relevant to the work.

Healing crystal | Sacred Center Mystery School | Warwick NYDuring a CHILL healing, we create a personal portal with the Chumpi stones. We lay the Chumpis around the body in a shape that reflects the architecture of the universe. Sometimes it’s a cross, sometimes a square. Occasionally, it’s a star.

Each shape has a different vibration. They all hold the individual and connect them to a more expansive reality where profound healing takes place.

If you have Chumpi stones or a set of CHILL wisdom cards, take a moment to use them to create your own portal for yourself today.

Set an intention to try to live as if every day is the solstice. What happens when you dare to admit you know you don’t know?  What becomes possible when you’re willing to journey into the unknown and the unseen?

An Invitation to Carry the Solstice Energy Forward

Next Saturday and Sunday (June 27 and 28) we’re offering an Intro to Chumpi Illumination at the Sacred Center in Warwick, NY. There are still a couple of seats available – I’d love to have you with us.

This class is your first in the Mystery School. It’s your chance to learn muscle testing and begin working with the Chumpi stones in hands on healings.

Please forward this link on to a friend who might be interested in finding a new way to find stillness and cultivate a relationship with Spirit.