Weight 13 oz
Dimensions 8 × 8 × 3 in

Essences each come in a blue glass bottle preserved in a small amount of Peruvian brandy.

The Essential Thirteen

The heartbeat of creation echoes within you. Be as one with this sacred birth.


Awakens creativity. Inspires a shift from old, worn-out patterns so you can embrace revitalizing new ones. Helps you to relinquish fear and breathe more easily.


Killarumiyoq, Temple of the Moon, place of the sacred feminine, outside of Cusco, Peru.

  • Being Centered

  • Surrendering

  • Awakening Self

  • Being In Love

  • Radiating Bliss

  • Accepting Transition

  • Weaving The Rainbow

  • Bridging Worlds

  • Healing Source

  • Freeing Self

  • Revealing Truth

  • Transcending Limitations

  • Trusting Silence