8 1/2″L leather adjustable necklace with a “wayruro” bead from the Amazon.

Chumpi bead is 1″ wide

Dimensions 8.5 × .05 × 1 in
Chumpi Stone

1 – Birth, 2 – Balance, 3 – Unity, 4 – Compassion, 5 – Harmony, 6 – Communion, 7 – Wholeness, 8 – Purification, 9 – Awakening, 10 – Freedom, 11 – Manifestation, 12 – Creation, Have Eleanora choose

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Chumpi necklace 8 1/2″ leather with wayruro bead

Each necklace is unique and a one-of-a kind. Find your magic or let it find you.

8 1/2"L leather adjustable necklace with a "wayruro" bead from the Amazon. It is a red and black seed that symbolizes good luck.

Chumpi bead is 1" wide and carved by the Peruvian master carver from Cusco. She carves all of the Chumpis that are used in the CHILL healings and teachings from the stone of the surroundings mountains.

Choose the one Chumpi stone that speaks to you (use the chart in the product images). Unsure which stone to select? Have Eleanora choose one for you and charge/imbue it with healing and supportive energies specific to its number.

NOTE: we only have the stones available in the drop-down - select the one you want, or let Eleanora choose.