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Lunar Eclipse-Blue Moon Virtual Wisdom Council

Anywhere You Are

The Virtual Wisdom Circles are live, free teaching and meditation sessions accessible by phone. They off you a chance to learn about and stay connected to the Sacred Center and the CHILL wisdom.

Virtual Wisdom Council: Create Sacred Space

Anywhere You Are

Cleanse. Nourish. Renew. You don’t need a weekend at a spa to bring these healing concepts into your reality. You simply need to create a sacred home for your spirit where you can spend a little time each day. During the next Virtual Wisdom Council, we’ll explore what it means to create a sacred physical space where you can regularly experience moments […]

Virtual Wisdom Council: The Stargates of Peru

Anywhere You Are

The mysteries of the Andes are coming home to you Eleanora is leading a sacred journey to Peru in May. The adventurers who accompany her are calling this the trip of a lifetime, but you don't have to ride a horse up to a campsite at 15,000 feet to experience the mystery and the majesty […]

Chaos is the Key to Stability: A Virtual Wisdom Council Call

Anywhere You Are

Let's face it, life is chaotic. It's probably always been this way, but right now, we're feeling it more than ever. Chaos is actually an essential part of our life on this planet. We're churned about by all these forces of change and challenge and pain in order to (re)create human reality. It's through this […]