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Images from the latest Sacred Journey to Peru

The latest Sacred Center Journey to Peru has just come to an end, but Eleanora is staying on in Cusco for a while.

As she continues to explore her beloved adopted homeland, she’s seeking new ways to connect to and enter the stargate portals of this special place.

Her solo adventures will surely make the next group trip, coming up in April 2017, even more rich.

See the itinerary for the next journey and save your place today! 

Rainbow Cave | Eleanora Amendolara | Sacred Center Journey to Peru
Alchemical healing waters at the Rainbow Cave
Eleanora enters the Rainbow Cave
Eleanora Amendolara and Peruvian guide Ruli at Machupicchu
Eleanora and native Peruvian guide Ruli at Machu Picchu
Eleanora and members of the Misminay Community, Moray, Peru
Eleanora and members of the Misminay Community near Moray, Peru
Maras de Sal Salt Mines Peru | Sacred Center Peru Journey
Maras de Sal – Salt Mines

Virtual Wisdom Council: The Stargates of Peru

The mysteries of the Andes are coming home to you

Eleanora is leading a sacred journey to Peru in May. The adventurers who accompany her are calling this the trip of a lifetime, but you don’t have to ride a horse up to a campsite at 15,000 feet to experience the mystery and the majesty of the mountains.

Join Eleanora on June 1 at 7 PM ET for a free Virtual Wisdom Council call. During this teaching and meditation session you will experience the healing energies of the Andean stargates and learn how to make this transformational energy part of your everyday life.

A one-hour teaching, discussion, and meditation.
June 1 at 7 PM ET

Join us live via telephone
or register to receive the recording

* You do not need a set of Chumpi Stones to participate. Have you own crystals or stones handy before the call or use the Chumpi Illumination Wisdom cards.

** If you have attended or registered for previous VWC calls you do not need to register. If you enter your information and nothing happens, it means you’re already signed up and will get all the call details on Thursday.

See the Beauty and Hear the Wisdom from the Stargates of Peru

Eleanora is leading a journey to Peru right now. Today they are visiting the Temple of the Rainbow and the Temple of the Moon, on their way to Lake Titicaca and the Stargate Amarumuru.

In the brief messages she’s sending back to us at home, Eleanora says they’re receiving reminders that “the Universe is perfect” and experiencing what it’s like to be “showered in a pyramid of light.”

When she returns, Eleanora will be lit up with stories of healing and messages from the spirit guides and from the mountains themselves.

On Wednesday, June 1 at 7 PM ET, she’ll hold a free Virtual Wisdom Council call. During this hourlong teaching and meditation, the wisdom of the Stargates of Peru will come to you.

Simply click the button below to sign up. If you have attended previous VWC calls you don’t need to register – you’ll receive the invitation to join us on 6/1 via email.

How a Group Meditation Awakens a Personal Healing

Let there be light! Chumpi Illumination | amethyst crystal | Sacred Center Warwick, NY

There are certain things that are simply true when it comes to healing and other spiritual work. One of the most accessible Truths: when you gather to meditate and do the work together, the power is amplified.

In group meditation and healing, you can enter into deeper states of consciousness and experience a greater spiritual connection because you join with others who are focusing their attention in a similar way.

How Group Meditation and Healing Works in a Sacred Center Circle

Each time the Virtual Wisdom Council comes together (or any of the in-person Sacred Center classes, for that matter), profound and lasting healing takes place. Each person on the call, no matter where they are in the western hemisphere, benefits in a tangible, individual way.

Of course, when teacher, healer, and visionary Eleanora Amendolara leads a meditation, she’s not just holding space for participants to take off on private inner journeys. Instead, she opens each session with a teaching that highlights a theme that’s rippling through her community and through the greater world. Then, she channels that energy into a Chumpi Illumination healing that each person can experience at home.

The result? Each person present, whether they’re with us live or listening to the recording later, benefits at a personal level. And, this healing flows from the small group to the greater whole. After all, everything you do for yourself ultimately affects everyone around you.

What does a Chumpi Illumination Meditation look like?

Eleanora holds her free Virtual Wisdom Council calls every six to eight weeks and welcomes her clients and students as well as people who are new to working with the Chumpi stones.

In December 2015, the focus was on how we can apply indigenous wisdom to our hectic daily lives – particularly during the (mostly) joyful chaos of the holidays.

As Eleanora described it, the peoples of Peru don’t walk on the earth, they let the earth hold them. They live without any sense of separation. The mountains, the stars, the waters are an extension of who they are.

Of course, that kind of connection isn’t a natural part of being for us in the West. But, when you learn about the Andean wisdom that informs so much of Eleanora’s Mystery School teachings, the goal isn’t to appropriate another culture or to pretend that you can move through life with all the attitudes of a Peruvian mountain dweller.

Instead, Eleanora opens a window on the views of the Q’ero, the Quechua, and other mountain people to show us how we might see the “typical” parts of our own lives in a new way – through interrelation rather than ego.

How the Chumpi Stones Help Reframe Your Challenges

“To heal someone is to facilitate their awakening | Sacred Center | Eleanora AmendolaraAnd so, grounded by the Peruvian people’s connection with the earth and supported by this new perspective, Eleanora described how the Chumpis that would help us embody this wisdom. (For more about how the Chumpis work in Chumpi Illumination, click here.)

Using muscle testing – an integral part of Chumpi Illumination – Eleanora determined the collective needs of this group. There were three parts for everyone to experience and work through:

  1. Change shoulds
  2. Discover you have choices
  3. Let yourself be the light

These themes were broad, but they had clear resonance for everyone in the circle. And, as a result of the healing that Eleanora transmitted through the healing, the group released great waves of sadness.

The message for everyone:

We are diamonds in the rough and we are called to shine brighter and brighter.

Shine your Light strongly. Be carried by the light in the darkness.

Even if you were not with us on December 10, you can still receive all the benefits of this healing. Access the recording for this call and all previous Virtual Wisdom Councils. You’ll also be invited to future free events. We’d love to have you with us, strengthening our collective intention and deepening the shared healing.

Virtual Wisdom Council: Practical Wisdom from the Andean Indigenous Peoples

Indigenous women of Peru | Sacred Center Peru Journey

I have to fight the traffic to get to the mall.
How am I going to cook a festive holiday meal and honor everyone’s food allergies and dietary restrictions?
In this rush to celebrate the holidays, there’s no time for us to remember what all this celebrating is for.

It’s time to find a new way to connect to what matters this holiday season.

In the month of December, almost everyone in America – and probably everyone with a “western” mindset – feels overwhelmed and more than a little disconnected.

When you get caught between “too much” and “not enough,” it can feel almost impossible to tune into what’s really important to you.

On Thursday, December 10 at 7 PM ET Eleanora is hosting a special Virtual Wisdom Council Call.

This collective time of peace and joy is something we all can revel in. It’s a time of great celebration of the light that shines even as the days grow darker. How do we shift our rhythms and rituals to mirror the joyful, authentic energy of the season?

This teaching and meditation session will give you a chance to step away from everything the holidays are “supposed” to be about. You’ll enter a space where you can tune into your own human experience in a very different way.

Learn from the ways of the Indigenous People and apply the teachings to the life you’re living right now

Doña Maria Apaza, a Q’ero elder and the last of the female Altomesayoq with Eleanora in Cusco, Peru
Doña Maria Apaza, a Q’ero elder, with Eleanora in fall, 2015.

During this free Virtual Wisdom call, Eleanora will describe how the indigenous peoples of the Andes – including the legendary Q’ero community –  move through life without being driven by ego.

You’ll learn about their relationship with the earth and the meaning they find in the stars.

Most importantly, you’ll learn how you can make certain aspects of the Andean Indigenous approach to living and giving your own.

Not because you want to appropriate another culture. Not because you’re pretending that you can move through Western life with all the attitudes of a Peruvian mountain dweller. Not because their ways are “better” than yours.

| Cusco Peru | Sacred Center Healing |Chumpi Illumination | Eleanora AmendolaraLearn how to weave these ancient teachings into contemporary life in order to strengthen your connection to the here and now. Discover how you can enter the dance between the mountains, stars, rivers and plants – and realize how that takes all the stress out of holiday shopping!

Virtual Wisdom Council


Thursday, December 10

Join us live via telephone
or register to receive the recording

Support Indigenous Craftsmen this Holiday: Buy Peruvian Cloths Direct from the Weavers

Every journey to Peru is full of new sights, tastes, smells, and sounds. It’s also an adventure into texture and touch.

The solid roughness of stone at Machu Picchu. The sturdy softness of the horse that carries you up the mountain. The nubby fibers in a piece of handwoven cloth.

Yes, a trip to Peru is about experiencing a different world and getting to know yourself in a new way. But, it’s also about shopping!

Every time I return home from my twice-yearly adventures to the city of Cusco the surrounding mountains, my bags are full of new treasures. Custom-carved Chumpi Stones. Majestic crystals. And so many textiles.

The people and the dedication behind the art of Andean Weaving

Weaving Andean Cloth | Cusco Peru | Sacred Center Healing |Chumpi Illumination | Eleanora AmendolaraThis fall, I had the privilege of visiting Dona Maria Apasa Machaca, a Q’ero elder who now lives at the edge of Cusco.

In addition to carrying the wisdom of the mountains, Dona Maria is a master weaver. She and her cousin Benito, himself a healer and shaman, gave me their precious handmade cloths to sell to the members of the Sacred Center community.

Each cloth is a humble masterpiece. A small cloth – one that you might use for your mesa or personal altar space – takes one to three months to complete.

Would you believe that a poncho can take up to a year of steady work to finish? Talk about wearable art!

A special invitation: Purchase these one-of-a-kind Peruvian cloths

Through December, I will be selling Dona Maria and Benito’s work as well as several pieces I have collected in my two decades of Peruvian travel.

Prices range from $55 to $350. Below, you’ll find selected images the cloths. Please contact me for specific prices and dimensions. You can pay by check or credit card and I will mail them to you if you cannot come to the Sacred Center in Warwick, NY to pick them up.

Journey to the Stargates of Peru

In April of 2015, Eleanora led a group of adventurers into the sacred peaks and through the deepest jungles of Peru.

This one-of-a-kind video experience offers you a first person perspective of the journey.

Scale the walls of Machu Picchu. Look down on the circles of the Incan site at Moray. Emerge yourself in a sacred lagoon. Connect to the soul of the universe in a kaleidoscope of stars.

Eleanora is putting together her next group journey, set to take place in April of 2016. Sign up to get updates on the itinerary.

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