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Images from the latest Sacred Journey to Peru

The latest Sacred Center Journey to Peru has just come to an end, but Eleanora is staying on in Cusco for a while.

As she continues to explore her beloved adopted homeland, she’s seeking new ways to connect to and enter the stargate portals of this special place.

Her solo adventures will surely make the next group trip, coming up in April 2017, even more rich.

See the itinerary for the next journey and save your place today! 

Rainbow Cave | Eleanora Amendolara | Sacred Center Journey to Peru
Alchemical healing waters at the Rainbow Cave
Eleanora enters the Rainbow Cave
Eleanora Amendolara and Peruvian guide Ruli at Machupicchu
Eleanora and native Peruvian guide Ruli at Machu Picchu
Eleanora and members of the Misminay Community, Moray, Peru
Eleanora and members of the Misminay Community near Moray, Peru
Maras de Sal Salt Mines Peru | Sacred Center Peru Journey
Maras de Sal – Salt Mines

Journey to the Stargates of Peru

In April of 2015, Eleanora led a group of adventurers into the sacred peaks and through the deepest jungles of Peru.

This one-of-a-kind video experience offers you a first person perspective of the journey.

Scale the walls of Machu Picchu. Look down on the circles of the Incan site at Moray. Emerge yourself in a sacred lagoon. Connect to the soul of the universe in a kaleidoscope of stars.

Eleanora is putting together her next group journey, set to take place in April of 2016. Sign up to get updates on the itinerary.

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