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Illuminate Your Reality in Mt. Shasta

tourquoise chakana southern cross | Sacred Center Mystery School Warwick NY

Illuminate Your Reality ~ Activate Your Soul

Discover the groundbreaking healing system, Chumpi Illumination

A special opportunity awaits: study with  master healer, teacher, and alchemist Eleanora Amendolara.

  • Build a permanent home for your spirit
  • Unlock the mysteries of the Peruvian Chumpi stones
  • Learn the essential skills of muscle testing

These sacred tools have been used by shamans and indigenous peoples of the Andes for hundreds of years. Now, you can use these powerful energy conduits to enter the portals of the stars and shift your physical and emotional reality.

A leading Health Kinesiology teacher, Eleanora Amendolara grounds this profound spiritual and energetic work in the art and science of muscle testing. You’ll learn the subtle language of the body and find out how to ask strong questions that help you tap into the soul’s inherent wisdom.

This is Eleanora’s last West Coast trip in 2016. Begin your journey and step through the portal of your own limitless potential.

To register, make payment below. You will be redirected to a registration form (simply enter your name and email) once payment is made.

Enter this New Portal Into the Greater Reality

“Adventure” isn’t a word I use lightly even though it’s a word I use often. Horseback riding through the Salkantay Pass at 15,000 feet definitely qualifies (that’s where we’re all headed during this spring’s Peru journey).

The healing work that we’re doing in the Advancing Class where we learn to resonate with our imperfections is an adventure into our own collective humanity.

And all that we’re doing to spread the work about Chumpi Illumination is its own kind of adventure.

I invite you to watch and share this two minute film that showcases the recent book and wisdom card deck Chumpi Illumination: Gateways to Healing and Transformation.

I would be honored if you would share this video on Facebook or your other favorite social media channels. The more people who discover the power and potential of Chumpi Illumination, the more we can shift planetary consciousness toward healing and Truth.

To get your own book and card set, please place your order here.