Bringing CHILL into the world: Sacred Center Mystery School Graduates

Mystery School Graduates

These Mystery School Graduates share how what they’ve learned, including Chumpi Illumination techniques, has influenced their lives.

Matteo UndiciI am feeling filled with infinite gratitude and purpose.

I know that I am here in this way and with this readiness because of Chumpi Illumination practice and advanced studies with Eleanora.  By holding the Chumpi forms and embodying the universal energies through five expansive years of study and two amazing journeys to Peru, I have confirmed my healership and activated my commitment to service. Each class propels me to step further into alignment with the Greater Reality and anchor even deeper in my physical body and the earth in this time.
– Matteo Undici, New Paltz, NY


“My experience in the Mystery School has been transformative, illuminating, rooting, transcendental….these are big sweeping words, I know, made vague and amorphous by their overuse… Yet there is nothing vague about Eleanora’s work with the chumpis. Her teaching is grounded and granular–giving us stepping stones to venture beyond what we think we know; building bridges between the smallest, wounded self and our deepest, wisest, divine self; and developing an architecture within which anything is possible for this specific soul on this very present journey to the light.”
– Teresa Shelley, New Paltz, NY

Each time I visit the Sacred Center, I bring my jewelry box. We open the lid and peer in, wondering where it may lead. Sometimes there are gold or silver chains that are knotted and need untangling. Sometimes there are tarnished bits that need some polishing. Other times, we find that something is missing or lost or just separated. Once in awhile we might come across something that I used to wear and say, “Really? Time to get rid of that old thing!” On occasion, there may be a beautiful shining gem that had been forgotten altogether. With Eleanora’s help, it shines once again. And so, healing and learning is a process of untangling the knots, removing the tarnish, appreciating the beauty of both the gems and that which do not serve us, and savoring the sweet gifts that we have received from others. I realized shortly after our last session that we are both becoming and are whole at the same time. And so we must embody the elixir and become our own medicine.
– Sally Malatras, West Milford, NJ

Val Oliver Sacred Center Mystery School GraduateThe promise, the elixir is knowing that I’m so much more than who I thought I was (and others see and believe me to be) that is beyond what most people call reality. When I’m conscious of and acting from the Greater Reality, it’s a form of bliss, peace, and no fear. Personal sessions have helped me a great deal to get to know myself more deeply and thoroughly. The group sessions have helped me to know others and help me not feel so alone, so different for being who I am.
– Val Oliver

The teachings of the Chumpi stones have created such a powerful deep shift in my perspective and also in the place that I live from. Whether that is a true shift from the deepest of my being or simply a thorough unveiling that allows me to project my life from such a higher place – of that I am not 100% sure, but it has been the single most powerful thing I have done in my life.
– Denise Manna

Sacred Center Mystery School Energy Healing Chumpi Illumination Advanced Class
Sacred Center Mystery School Advanced Class

CHILL Practitioners

Having completed the Sacred Center Mystery School 2 year program, the following graduates have received their CHILL certification to use this method in their own healing practices and/or complementary creative modalities.

Sue Fick – Lake Katrine, NY, 845-883-5210
Marisa Goudy – New Paltz, NY, 845-206-9017
Matteo Undici – New Paltz, NY

The Sacred Center is not responsible for individual services and practices rendered by its graduates.