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The Sacred Center for the Healing Arts invites you to journey into your own sacred center.

You know there’s more to life than your daily routine. There’s a deeper mystery that connects body, soul, and universe - you’re sure of it.

But information overload distracts you, obligations weigh you down, and inner conflicts dull your spirit.

What if you could clear the internal clutter, rise above the routine, and connect to your own power?

You can illuminate your own sacred path and step into a Greater Reality - without forsaking the parts of your life that you love.

Together, we’ll embark upon a great journey that will take you to a healing session in New York City, a weekend class in Warwick, NY or an adventure to Cusco, Peru. You’ll transform your routines into ritual as you see yourself in a new way.

You already shine with a light that proves there is something more to this life -
now is the time to learn how to access that light and illuminate your world.

Chumpi Stones healing, Sacred Center

Chumpi Stones healing, Sacred Center

What will shift for you? You’ll discover you have greater clarity, more energy, and, yes, a richer sense of mystery in your life.

Step through the portals created by the Peruvian Chumpi stones in our signature healing system Chumpi Illumination (CHILL). Expand your consciousness when you study the universal wisdom traditions revealed in the Mystery School. Find freedom and healing when you lie within the stones during a private session.

You are a mirror of the Greater Reality.
You're called to stop seeking and step into this absolute truth.

At the Sacred Center there is no one way to heal and transform. Instead, you’re offered many doorways. Enter and explore your own path using the Sacred Center wisdom as your guide.

At the Sacred Center there is no one way to heal and transform - there is only your way.

Where are you called to begin?

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Eleanora - Energy Medicine Training

Eleanora - Energy Medicine Training


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